Dogs welcome - La Risacca Family Camping Village

Dogs always welcome!

A camping village in Porto Sant’Elpidio where animals are welcome

La Risacca Family Camping Village is one of a few campsites in Marche with a pet-friendly beach where dogs are allowed. Your four-legged friends are always welcome in our family camping village!

At La Risacca Family Camping Village you can use all the green areas of the campsite to walk your dog and enjoy his company, and that’s not all! Here are all the services we offer for your four-legged friend:

● The campsite beach offers a dedicated free beach and one equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds;
● Access for your dog to the restaurant’s outdoor portico so you can enjoy his company whilst savouring your favourite dishes;
● Exercise area;
● Specific food and hygiene products for your pet available for purchase inside the campsite supermarket;
● Access to all the green areas of the campsite for walking with your faithful friend.

Below is some useful advice to ensure you make best use of the beach at La Risacca Family Camping Village:

● Remember that owners are liable for any damage caused by their dog to people, property or other animals.
● Before departing for your holiday, make sure that your dog has all the necessary vaccinations and don’t forget to bring his veterinary health record with you.
● Bring his regular food with you for the day of departure just in case you don’t immediately find a shop where you can purchase it.
● Bring his favourite toy with you. It will help him settle more quickly into his new surroundings.
● If you will be driving a long distance, make a stop every two hours so he can stretch his legs and drink some water.
● If your dog suffers from travel sickness, ask your vet for some tablets to bring with you for the journey.
● Give your pet food that is rich in vitamins and minerals, and if he suffers from any illnesses, get your vet to formulate a customised diet suited to his requirements.
● Make sure your dog is never without a bowl of fresh water.
● Do not forget that prolonged exposure to the sun may be as much a risk factor for your dog as it is for you and could lead to sunstroke.
● Avoid taking walks during the hottest hours of the day and be careful if your pet is not in the best of health, for example, is elderly.
● Remember that your dog can also suffer from sunburn or get a heat rash: apply a protective cream to more sensitive areas such as the belly and ears and pay particular attention if he has a light-coloured coat.
● Once you return home, make sure to bathe your dog in fresh water so as to eliminate all traces of sand and saltwater as these could damage his skin.

Ask about availability now or request a quotation; remember to put in the “Dogs” box the number of pets you will be bringing. You will be notified of availability based on your request. And don’t forget our few extremely simple rules to be followed for a peaceful and tranquil holiday with your dog:

1. Remember first of all that owners are liable for any damage caused to people and property by their dog.
2. Dogs are not permitted, except for small-sized ones (max 15 kg) indicated at the time of booking and only in the area defined by Management.
3. Dogs are only allowed to access and circulate in the northern area of the campsite (Zona Campeggio Nord) and in specific areas of the Village. Dogs are only allowed to cross other areas to reach the Restaurant, exits and the Beach, as established in Art.7 of the regulations. Access to the Restaurant is limited exclusively to outdoor tables. It is prohibited for dogs to remain in the square or at the sports centre.
4. Dog owners must present their animal’s vaccination record at the time they check in to the Holiday Village, which must be updated to comply with legislation in force.
5. Dogs must be kept on a lead and a muzzle must be available at all times. The lead, when used without the muzzle, must be no longer than 1.5 metres
6. Owners or keepers in any capacity of dogs must clean up after their animals in order to maintain and preserve the level of hygiene and decorum in the village. They therefore must be equipped with special equipment for this purpose (poop scoop or other means) to be shown at any time when requested by Risacca Village staff.
7. With regard to the use of the beach Art.5 Section 3 of the Municipal Regulations of Porto Sant’Elpidio, stipulates that: “beach concessionaires, during the period the beach is open to the public may”… “admit dogs or other small-sized animals, fitted with a muzzle or kept on a lead, which must be accommodated in the last row of umbrellas, which must be suitably marked. Dogs must be carried by owners to the allocated umbrella where a water bowl will be provided. The dog must be kept on a lead at all times under the umbrella; in particular, owners must never take dogs onto the shoreline, in the sea, to places where food is consumed, or in the beach cabins or showers. People accompanying dogs must carry with them a suitable means for gathering their excrements, which must never in any circumstances be left on the beach…”
8. It is compulsory, in general, to behave in such a way as to prevent your dog from disturbing the peace and quiet of other guests in the Holiday Village

Do not forget to get your pets fitted with a microchip and register them with the regional pet registers. These are in fact compulsory for dogs as they allow your friend to be recovered immediately if he is lost.