Dogs welcome - La Risacca Family Camping Village

Dogs are always welcome!

A holiday village in Porto Sant’Elpidio where dogs are welcome

La Risacca Family Camping Village is one of the few villages in Le Marche where dogs are allowed. Your four-legged friends are always welcome in our family camping village!

Here are all the options and services for your furry companion:

  • Possibility of bringing your four-legged friend to the restaurant’s outdoor porch to enjoy its company while you eat your favourite dishes
  • Recreation area
  • Specific products for your pet’s hygiene and nutrition for sale at the campsite market
  • Possibility of walking with your faithful friend in all green areas of the campsite

Some useful tips:

  • Remember that the owner is responsible for any damage caused by the dog to persons, property or other animals.
  • Before you leave for your holiday, make sure your dog has had all the necessary vaccinations and don’t forget its veterinary records at home
  • On the day of departure, take your usual food with you in case you do not immediately find a shop where you can buy it
  • Bring its favourite toy with you to help it adapt more quickly to his new environment
  • If you are travelling by car and there is a lot of driving involved, make a stop every two hours, to let them stretch their paws and drink
  • If your dog suffers from car sickness, ask your vet which medicines you should take with you on your journey
  • Give preference to foods rich in vitamins and minerals and, in your pet suffers from any particular diseases, agree with your vet on a customised diet adapted to the situation
  • Never let your dog be without a bowl of fresh water
  • Don’t forget that excessive exposure to the sun can be a risk factor for your dog, who, like people, could suffer a heat stroke.
  • Avoid walks during the hottest hours and take care if the animal is not in perfect health or is particularly old
  • Remember that your dog can also get sunburned. Therefore, use a protective cream for sensitive areas such as the belly and ears and pay special attention to animals with a light coat.
  • Once back home, do not hesitate to give your dog a bath in fresh water to remove all traces of sand or salt water, as it could damage its skin.

Request for availability or a quote now; remember to indicate the number of pets are travelling with you in the ‘Dogs’ box. We will reply according to your request. And don’t forget our rules in order to spend your holiday with your dog with complete peace of mind:

  • Pets are allowed in certain types of bungalows and pitches upon reservation. For Club Del Sole, the well-being of the dog is an essential pillar of DOG FRIENDLY hospitality and the parameters of well-being are based on a high standard, whereby the possibility of accommodating the dog is assessed (to define and identify which accommodations are suitable) according to the size of the dog, the breed and the number of dogs present in the village at that time. Contact us for more information
  • The presence of pets must be indicated at the time of booking. Maximum two pets per property allowed. A vaccination certificate and insurance must be presented at check-in.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash and, if necessary, muzzled
  • Owners are obliged to pick up the physiological needs of their pets with the appropriate scoop and ensure that they do not disturb other guests in the village
  • Any damage caused by pets to third parties and the village facilities is the full responsibility of the owner.
  • Show your dog’s health booklet on request
  • Do not leave the pet unattended
  • Ensure that your dog does not disturb the peace and quiet of other customers
  • It is forbidden to bring animals into the playground, the pool area, inside the toilets and inside the restaurant and the Supermarket/Bazar

Please note that the presence of dogs must be indicated at the time of booking. An up-to-date vaccination booklet and insurance are required to enter the village.

Dogs reported in the regional register as biting dogs are not allowed.